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Galleries: Before & After
Galleries: Before & After
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Managing the whole process of a renovation requires talent - and Dwight has lots of it! 

Tile flooring, backsplashes, walls, hardwood floors, laminate counters, wainscotting and crown; he can do it all, beautifully.

Granite tile counter.

A masterpiece of art in progress...

Beautiful custom-designed tile back splash with metallic pewter rosette inserts.

Note the photo mosaic tile, which was picture-framed so as to give the impression you are looking at an Italian villa!

Dwight's perfectionism and attention to detail - even the details you can't and won't ever see - make his tile work a cut above the rest!

Shower walls and floors are layered with first with cement board (some use sheet rock or plywood for their backer board!), and then sealed with a waterproof membrane.  The tiles are then safely installed on top to provide you with a beautiful masterpiece that will last!

Kitchen counters have a 3/4 inch plywood base and a 1/4 inch cement board to provide stability and prevent cracks.

The kitchen above with a gorgeous tile design created with the homeowner.